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Welcome to our youth center!

The youth center provides the same necessities any individual 25 and under may need on their road to success, by keeping them healthy, clean, and clothed. We also teach the basics of all mental health, and we are in the process of bringing more encouragement for youth and young adults to live a healthier, better lifestyle by increasing their mental capabilities, and showing them a better way to live.


The NXT Chapter welcome individuals of any age, gender, race, and religion to continue on their path to the road to success with us as their guide. We offer many resources to start youth out in their adult lives, and encourage them to always strive to be the best they can be.

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S.E.E.D. Course

We highly encourage our youth to complete the full S.E.E.D. course and give them the skills to have the mental stability needed for everyday life.


Gang Disengagement

After completion of the S.E.E.D. program, we offer a gang disengagement course to enhance entrepreneurship skills.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Filling out documents

We assist the young adults in filling out their forms correctly to receive the help they need for food, medical, transportation, etc.

Image by Vasily Koloda

Educational Resources

Assistance in getting G.E.D. for free. We give everyone the chance to continue their careers with vocational training and job placement. 

Displayed are some of our past youth that have earned their S.E.E.D. certificates. These outstanding individuals have proven their dedication and perseverance to continue on the path to success. Standing with them is their valued instructor, Kenny Harris, who takes their future very seriously.

Future Endeavors

We encourage everyone to help us in our future efforts to support our next generations coming into the world. We assist them in any way we can, but we need your help. Donate today and help our youth have experiences of a lifetime. We take our youth on field trips to directly engage in activities to increase their mental stability and create an enjoying experience. 

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